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There’s no time for sick days or equipment hassles. You need equipment, gear and weaponry that’s accessible and ready in a snap. (EO)2 is a rigid fastening system with quick on/off attachment and release. Easily snap your cases and gear from wall to vehicle to AVI and back again. Use the (EO)2 fastener with your own cases and gear, or with (EO)2 crush resistant, water resistant cases.
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One (EO)2, Endless Possibilities

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Need an easier way to attach and carry your tatical and military gear? (EO)2 is an Easy On, Easy Off fastener and mounting system with quick attachment and release. There are no time consuming straps or U-bolts, no moving parts, no mechanical toggle clamps, and no latches. You simply “snap” together two rigid mounting components for a quick, efficient, solid hold. (EO)2 can be used to attach and mount gear to ATV racks, UTV racks, storage boxes, rear racks, cargo racks, and any other cargo management application when you need secure attachment and fastening of waterproof/crushproof cases, ATV accessories, UTV accessories, and gear. When you get home, snap your gear onto the garage wall or ceiling using (EO)2 mounting rails. It’s a quick, clean storage solution.
One (EO)2, Endless possibilities-what will you (EO)2?
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